The Geometry of Love
: The Images
Part 1
"The church stands with its back to the road. It turns away, quietly guarding its secret."(p.7)
Margaret Visser walking the ancient Roman Via Nomentana leading to the church of Sant' Agnese.
The church of Sant' Agnese from the bus-stop opposite.
"A shrine to Saint Agnes was erected between 352 and 366 A.D., and it stood for three centuries before this church was built. The frontal and sides of its altar were rediscovered when the staircase was repaired in 1884, and they are now on the right-hand wall of the passage down. A bas-relief on one of these slabs shows a young girl praying, her hands lifted in the manner that was then usual for prayer. She probably represents Agnes herself, depicted thus about fifty years after her death. This is one of the most moving objects in the entire church..."(p.22)
This figure of Saint Agnes, carved shortly after her death, is probably the earliest known portrait of her.

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