The Geometry of Love: The Images
Part 6
Saint Agnes' Feast Day:
January 21st.

"Today the lambs arrive at Sant'Agnese's by car. They are kept briefly in an annex of the church on a table covered in flowers, and then taken in procession through the ranks of the congregation by bearers carrying them on leafy palanquins, still on their cushions in their baskets. Loud baas usually delight the crowd." (p.120)
Curtains – red for a martyr – decorate the doorway into the monastery on the Via Nomentana. They show that all this week the feast of Saint Agnes is being celebrated.
The Lamb Ceremony. The two crowned lambs are borne into the church on leafy palanquins.
A lamb pokes its head up as the priest receives the animals at the altar of the church.
The lambs are on the altar behind which stands the statue of St. Agnes. Notice the hangings clothing the apse, and the flowers. The clergy wear red.
After the ceremony people visit the lambs.

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