The Geometry of Love: The Images
Part 7
Related Objects Outside the Church

    At right angles to the front of the church is the parish cook's house, top over the entrance to the catatcombs. (page 175)

    Pope Honorius I is the figure portrayed as founder, carrying in his arms...a model of a church. [This model] is, in fact a fairly exact copy of the part of the building that stood above ground level in the seventh century. The pope's purple mosaic cloak covers up the buried lower half of the church." (pp. 116-117)

    Pope falls in: painting by Domenico Toretti, to commemorate the accident in the canonry, April 12, 1855. (pp.164-166)

Three of the eight Hellenistic bas-reliefs found underneath the staircase at Sant'Agnese's. Now in the Palazzo Spada, Rome.
The Trojan hero Paris, as a shepard. Endymion sleeping. Bellerophon watering Pegasus.
Parish members making Christmas crib settings. Behind them, a second-century Roman sarcophagus, found in the grounds of Sant'Agnese's. It was once thought to be the tomb of Saint Agnes. (p.165) Lourdes grotto with votive plaques giving thanks.
    "Sant'Agnese's, like so many Catholic institutions all over the world, has its own Lourdes grotto, on the principle we have seen before, that pilgrimages are excellent, but that it is less important to go to some shrine than to respond in your own heart to what the sacred place means to you: if you want to go to Lourdes but cannot, then make your own Lourdes nearby." (p.142)
    Leaving the tower behind, you take the stratight, cobbled avenue, which often has motorcycles parked along it. (p. 176) This road marks the front of the ancient cemetery basilica (See pgs. 197-199)
"Once you have crossed into the precinct, you must traverse a courtyard, then walk through the vaulted space that supports another medieval tower..."(pp 7-8)

Dotting the walls are slabs of marble with inscriptions, found on the site.

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